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Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Chosen by the United Nations because It is the date of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps in 1945. The decree establishing the memorial calls upon member nations of the UN to reflect on genocide and formulate programs to combat their home nations’ rise.

The UN will have events commemorating the liberation they will broadcast. It is a good thing we have this day. Some say The Holocaust was a fluke of history and that it can’t happen again. …

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Trump supporters are going through the grief they should have experienced in November after the ex-President’s loss to Joe Biden. I awoke this morning to a banquet of personal messages and emails chronicling Donald Trump’s fairytales he spun about successes, sent with insults and hatred.

History will not be kind to our 45th Chief Executive for a failed presidency. None of the propaganda the MAGA crowd distributes in a doomed last effort to provide Donald Trump with legitimacy stands up to scrutiny. I could fact-check the claims, but they are so absurd there is no point in wasting my time.

Krystall Blanchette had a dream of owning a salon. After graduating from the Paul Mitchell School in Chicago, she worked in salons in the Oak Park area. She worked at Giovanni’s, which closed, then after starting a family, wanted to work closer to home.

She worked for Nicole Marie across from Olivet for two years, but her dream of owning a salon continued to grow. She decided it was time and found a space that once was a bakery on Broadway in Bradley.

Another Father’s Day is here. My Father passed away fifty years ago. Dad was age forty-nine when he passed, so he has now been dead longer than he was alive. His body may have died, but my Father is very much alive.

When I look into the mirror to shave, I see Dad staring out. I used to watch him shave in the mornings when I was a kid. Oh, I wanted to have a beard and be a grown man. After sixty years of shaving, my beard could fall out, and I would not miss it.

I recall watching…

A tradition cut short by our pandemic is the Veterans giving out poppies on street corners. Today is Memorial Day, and despite the cancelation of parades and other events, we need to remember the meaning of this day.

We call it a holiday, which conjures up ideas of fun and cheer. The day also seems to have evolved into a commercial event. That is a feature of capitalism that bothers me. The only thing sacred in business is making money.

Look at the food ads from our markets. Today is the start of barbeque season. The fashion industry uses today…

After Kankakee County Board Chairman Andy Wheeler’s drubbing in the recent election, the County Board Chairman all but disappeared from social media. He’s surfaced only to share the closing of the County Building, and to post the County COVID-19 update to his official County page hours after its release.

With a pandemic and health crisis, he is uncharacteristically silent. That is not strange considering other mayors in the area, except for the Mayor of Kankakee abdicating any leadership during the crisis. However, it is peculiar for the current County Board Chair.

At first, many thought his disappearance was a period…

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Transparency is a hot topic when it comes to government. Americans demand to have openness from our government. Where is the line between the public’s right to know, and officials not fanning the flames of widespread panic? The COVID-19 pandemic is testing that question at every level of Government.

The Will County Illinois Health Department published a map on their Facebook page on Sunday. The public is frightened and is pressuring local health officials on the location of confirmed cases. Local health departments are reluctant to give out specific areas, citing patient’s rights to privacy.

This is the map as…

Mt Rushmore, SD, Pixabay Images

When I lived in Washington, I had a friend by the name of Clark Evans. I met Clark and his wife Lori at a church we attended. Clark is a very outgoing man. He was eager to walk up and shake the hands of the new family and welcome us. Clark has an enthusiastic smile and a kind demeanor. He is the kind of person you can’t help but like.

Our family was new in town, and while I had many acquaintances from work. When one works in politics, it is best not to get too close to those at…

I recall Super Bowl 1 and sportscaster Howard Cosell musing, “who’s interested in a Football Championship? It’s not like it’s the World Series.” The forty-year-old NFL looked down their noses at the upstart AFL, so the thought of the champions of the facing one another seemed absurd.

On January 15, 1967, the Green Bay Packers of the NFL played the champions of the AFL Kansas City Chiefs, soundly beating them 35 to 10 at the Los Angeles Memorial Collesium. To the shock of many, the game was a resounding success.

In 2020, I’m almost embarrassed to mention the Super Bowl…

The Kangaroo Court is in session.

Last week, the Senators took an oath to be impartial and fair in their deliberations, so help them, God. If ever there is a violation of the Third Commandment in the Bible to not take the Lord’s name in vain, it is that oath. The words are a joke.

Republican Senators swore on another oath when the impeachment passed the House of Representatives to their real God, the two major political parties, to vindicate the President of any wrongdoing with dispatch, or to convict him. …

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